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About Us

At Staffactory, we focus on supplying an agile workforce for various work roles, starting right from the administrative department. Our team utilizes indigenous technologies with a fierce crew to offer you one of the finest experiences ever.

Company Story

Staffactory started with a Minority woman who envisioned a dream to tackle staffing challenges in different business enterprises. With her previous organizations’ experience, she developed an innate passion for providing timely and customer-facing staffing solutions. The team comprises international experts who create intuitive solutions for your brand, taking it a step closer to success. The company works on an applicable Value Creation statement – “Create simplified processes to timely locate high-quality candidates during the staffing process”.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the perspective for how staffing works and bring in a more robust system. Our end to end recruitment process ensures that candidates match with the right opportunities. Different business verticals can modify this model for achieving predictable, economic and favorable hiring results.

Our Vision

Vision of Staffactory was formed with an intuitive idea, i.e., to create a robust process that helps clients manage their contingent workers seamlessly. We visualize your business growing and expanding with our automated recruitment process and dynamic staffing functions.

Image showing vision.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing a skilled and savvy workforce that works together to build and develop society. We work by some core values that have been ingrained in our process for years now – to deliver impeccable services with trust, transparency, and accountability, promoting all sectors’ interests.

Access to talent networks

We invented an automated hiring solution and implemented an AI recruiting process from sourcing to onboarding and managing the workforce. We spend years building up our talent network through referrals, networking and engaging talent.
Our extensive network and proprietary AI technology allow us to staff any position in the US within 48 hours.

We Offer Flexible Hiring Options for different industries

Our expertise is filling professional roles, spanning a variety of industries sourcing candidates with the soft skills for on-site work as well as the discipline for remote. We have flexible staffing options including contract, contract to permanent, and direct hire to meet your staffing needs.


We provide engagement flexibility to accommodate our clients’ needs and fill urgent and sensitive positions.

Contract staffing also known as temporary staffing is when you need us to help you with candidates’ short-term assignment generally between one month and a year at an agreed-upon hourly billing rate.

We cover the costs associated with contract personnel including but not limited to General Liability Insurance, (FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workers Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance).

We are responsible to issue year-end W2’s and may provide paid holidays, and otherbenefits.

We help our clients fill up long term positions through Direct hiring. We source and recruit the candidate for our clients, the candidate receives all benefits associated with being a full-time employee of the employer.

In a contract-to-hire agreement we give our clients the option to decide on the terms on a pre-determined length of employment before a full-time offer can be made to the candidate.

Once the contract period has been completed our clients will have several options. They can bring the candidate on to their payroll as a full-time employee, continue the contract if both parties agree or end the contract.

We give our clients the opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s skills, work habits, and gauge if the candidate fit in your unique culture and working environment before a direct offer is made

Quality Candidates

We serve the vast majority of industries across the United States, and we work with highly qualified candidates, finding them new roles in the industry while partnering with hiring managers to fill specialized roles with hard-to-find talent.

We operate on quality not quantity. We find the right talent for the right job at the right cost.


Permanent employees cost more than just the salary they are being paid. Health care, 401k retirement plans, sick days, vacation pay, and employer taxes are just a few of the costs included with permanent staff. We can help you place the best talent for the position without the extra overhead cost. 

You may need a temp employee due to permanent staff being sick, on maternity leave, having a family emergency, or taking a leave of absence, seasonal workers.
We will give you the flexibility to onboard someone for a short period to handle these situations.

When our clients are looking for resumes, they may have projects that require a specialist, or someone with certain expertise. If it’s a temporary project that will only take a certain amount of time to complete, it doesn’t make sense to hire them on a permanent basis. We have the capability to set our clients up with a skilled staffing expert and save them time by weeding through hundreds of resumes, checking references, and taking calls from candidates who may or may not be qualified. 

We invented an automated hiring solution and implemented an AI recruiting process from sourcing to onboarding and managing the workforce. We spend years building up our talent network through referrals, networking and engaging talent. Our extensive network and proprietary AI technology allow us to staff any position in the US within 48 hours.

One of the biggest benefits we bring to our clients is the access to our recruiters’ insider knowledge of skilled available candidates, both active and passive, salary ranges, and local market trends.

Rather than putting additional demands on current permanent staff, we can help you bring in temporary workers to help split up the amount of work during busy times.

This saves you from burning out full-time employees and overtime costs.

We understand that training new employees requires a significant investment of both time and costs. 

When searching for someone to cover a few months’ worth of work, it doesn’t make sense to spend money to train them. We can provide you with the workforce ready to do the work needed. 

When the contractor’s job is completed, the work is over, there is no need to worry about severance pay, unemployment insurance, or finding a replacement.

One of the biggest benefits our clients cherish is taking care of the temporary employees onboarding paperwork, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and unemployment benefits.

Our clients may encounter an employee quitting from time to time and need an immediate replacement. Staffactory can deliver qualified talent many times in less than 48 hours due to its extensive network of candidates.

It can be hard to determine if an employee will be a fit strictly through an interview. By starting an employee on a contract, the employee and our clients can see if everything is a good match for both parties and if it is not, both can part ways easier.