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Best video interview tips


After mastering the basics of video interviews, it’s time to level up your game. As remote interviews become the norm, it’s crucial to go beyond the usual setup.


Just like in-person interviews, confidence and authenticity are key in video interviews. However, specific things must be considered to ensure you shine on screen.

And, we’ve covered you, from nailing your body language to addressing technical challenges.

Let’s explore these essential tips that enable you to connect with your interviewer effortlessly and showcase your true potential in the virtual world.


In the world of remote hiring, video interviews have become the norm. Depending on the company, you may face behavioral, situational, or technical questions during your video chat. The interviews can vary from 30 minutes to over an hour, and they might conduct one or more rounds over video.

The Two Formats – Live vs. Pre-recorded

Video interviews usually come in live and pre-recorded flavors. In live interviews, an interviewer interacts with you just like in an in-person meeting. On the other hand, pre-recorded interviews involve answering predetermined questions without an interviewer present.

The Technology Behind It 

When you receive an invitation for a video interview, the company will likely inform you about its video conferencing software. Popular choices include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet/Hangouts, and Skype. Some require prior installation, while others can be accessed via your browser. Be prepared by testing the video services at least a day before your interview to resolve any technical glitches.

Remember to ask the recruiter or hiring manager about their interview process so you can prepare accordingly. 


Video Interview Tips 

  • Embrace the Early Bird Advantage. 

Get ready to soar by being well-prepared and early for your video interview. Check your settings to avoid any funny filters or distracting virtual backgrounds.

Log in a few minutes before the scheduled time to gather your composure and be at ease when the interview begins.

Keep your resume, job description, and talking points for reference. While you shouldn’t read from them directly, having these resources handy can help ease some nerves.

  • Dress to Impress (From Head to Toe!) 

Dressing to impress isn’t just for in-person interviews; it’s equally crucial for virtual ones. Show your professionalism by donning a formal outfit from head to toe, as if you were meeting face-to-face.

Avoid being less formal just because you’re at home; it might send the wrong message about your interest in the role. Also, ensure your attire looks good on camera. Test it in front of the same platform you’ll use for the interview to avoid any wardrobe mishaps.

  • Set the Perfect Stage 

Choose a quiet, interruption-free space for your interview. If you share your living space with others, give them a heads-up to maintain silence during your interview.

Pick a clutter-free background that won’t distract the interviewer, and make sure you have ample natural light or use a well-positioned lamp to illuminate your face.

Opt for a computer or laptop over a tablet or phone, and set the camera at eye level for the best visual connection. Improve sound quality by using headphones, and consider splitting your screen to have your prompt cards handy while maintaining eye contact.

  • Tech-Test Triumph 

Avoid tech troubles by doing a thorough setup test before your interview. Use the same platform, internet connection, and hardware you’ll use during the interview. Enlist a friend for a video chat rehearsal to ensure clear audio and video.

Familiarize yourself with the program, especially the essential functions like muting and unmuting your microphone. With this prepping prowess, technical hiccups won’t stand a chance!

  • Frame Your Success 

In a video interview, you control the setting, so make it count! Find a serene spot with minimal distractions and set it against a neutral background like a plain wall or a tidy room.

Illuminate yourself well, preferably with natural light, positioning the light source behind your computer or phone. If using a phone, prop it up for a steady shot.

Are you struggling with lighting? Invest in a selfie ring light to shine like a star!

  • Embrace Body Language 

Nail the art of eye contact in the virtual world! While speaking, direct your gaze at the webcam, not your interviewer, on the screen. This alignment fosters a stronger connection with them.

When listening, feel free to look at the screen. Exude positivity and energy through your body language with upright posture, open shoulders, and planted feet. Keep your gestures controlled and close to your body, avoiding fidgeting or drifting gazes.

Smile and nod to show your attentiveness, and use hand movements when appropriate. Let your body language speak volumes about your enthusiasm!

  • Sharpen Your Skills with Mock Interviews 

Practice video interviews with a friend or career coach before the actual interview. Initially, seeing yourself on screen might feel a tad awkward, but this practice helps you identify areas for improvement.

Notice any camera-shy tendencies or hand gestures that might go unnoticed. Record your practice sessions to review later and make necessary adjustments.

Avoid uttering crucial names and numbers for the first time in the real interview. Instead, become confident by practicing them beforehand to prevent stumbling or saying incorrect information.

  • Listen to how you speak 

Don’t just focus on your appearance; pay attention to your sound. Observe your speaking pace, pauses, tone, and pitch during practice. Ask your practice partner for feedback on whether you’re clear and understandable.

Speak clearly and at a reasonable pace to accommodate interviewers with shaky connections. However, maintain a natural and engaging tone; you’re not a robotic voice.

Since body language is limited in a video interview, let your voice convey your passion and excitement when discussing topics close to your heart.

  • Conclude with a Grateful Heart 

As the video interview draws close, express gratitude to the interviewer for the opportunity. Within 24 hours, send a thoughtful thank-you note reinforcing your interest in the job and why you’re a perfect match for the role and company. Make it personal by including something discussed during the interview. 


Incorporate these best video interview tips to excel in your virtual conversations. Be well-prepared, dress professionally, and master your body language. Practice and sound your best, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers. Good luck!

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