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What is the Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition? What Should Companies Choose?

Organizations and their respective hiring managers often get confused between recruitment and talent acquisition. Both of them are different and the latter one is being given more preference lately. Why is it so? What makes talent acquisition and recruitment different? How is one more profitable than the other in the long run? You will find out answers to these questions in this article. 
Before going further, it is important to define both these terms-


It is a conventional process that focuses on hiring based on the rigid skills of individuals. It takes skills into account rather than the individual applying for the job. It is a generalized process that aims to fill the vacancy for a specific role.

Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition is a rather strategic process. It takes into account other things apart from the skills of an individual, like leadership and execution. It is mostly used for higher positions.
Clearly, from the above definitions, it can be discerned that talent acquisition is a robust and more detailed process than recruitment. After all, it is a long-term strategy that is specially done to hire people who will directly contribute to the organization’s growth.

Why should companies switch to talent acquisition?

No matter how small or big the role, organizations should focus on talent acquisition rather than formal recruitment. Talent acquisition ensures the formation of a strong team, enhances group and individual productivity, and helps the organization meet its desired goals. 

Maybe, in the shorter picture, talent acquisition might seem a cumbersome process. However, the bigger picture reveals that it actually helps the company hire the interested and worthy candidates that stay with the company longer, hence decreasing the frequency of the recruitment process.


What are the tips for efficient talent acquisition?

Like any other process, talent acquisition also follows certain steps that ensure error-free and successful hiring. If you are looking for the ideal talent acquisition process, take care of the following things-

  1. Take notes of all the difficulties that emerged in the previous hiring process and make a strategy to minimize them in the next hiring process. Deliberate planning and forecasting, individually for the roles, is an ideal thing to do before looking for relevant individuals.
  1. Organize a process that filters the desirable candidates and makes the process easier. As talent acquisition is a long process, it can be divided into smaller steps, each step leading the desired individual to the next level. For this, you can use various software, depending upon your company size.
  1. Before starting the talent acquisition, ask yourself these questions- what other qualities, apart from the skillset, do you want in the potential employee? And do your goals align with the bigger picture of the organization’s future?
  1. Don’t take shortcuts. This is perhaps the most important talent acquisition tip for hiring managers. It is crucial because switching from recruitment to talent acquisition might seem cumbersome. Saving time is important, but so is hiring talented and worthy individuals. Therefore, don’t speed up the process unnecessarily. You will ultimately get the desirable results with time.


To thrive in the competitive world, organizations must constantly accept the changes and use them for their own good. It’s the same when it comes to talent acquisition. If you want to grow as an organization, it is a must to pay attention to the hiring process. Therefore, if you are still recruiting individuals just to fill in the vacancy, you need to change it asap and switch to talent acquisition, as it is a more thoughtful approach. 

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