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 Contract-to-Hire (C2H) : An Effective Staffing Strategy for IT Companies in 2023


Are you an IT company looking for a staffing strategy that can help you navigate the ever-changing business landscape of 2023? Look no further!


In today’s fast-paced business environment, flexibility and adaptability are crucial for IT companies to stay ahead of the competition. Such an effective staffing approach that has been making waves in the industry is C2HContract-to-Hire. Let’s discover how Contract-to-Hire (C2H) can revolutionize your workforce management and set you up for success in the dynamic world of IT.


What is Contract-to-Hire?

Contract-to-hire (C2H) is a staffing strategy where companies initially hire employees temporarily, typically for a fixed duration. At the end of the contract period, the company can assess the employee’s performance and compatibility with the organization before deciding whether to extend a permanent job offer. This approach provides flexibility for both the company and the employee, allowing the company to evaluate the individual’s fit within the organization while offering the employee an opportunity to showcase their skills and potential for long-term employment. In addition, C2H offers a unique blend of temporary and permanent employment, allowing companies to make informed hiring decisions.

How Does Contract-To-Hire Work?

  • Staffing agencies handle front-end recruiting tasks, including candidate sourcing, resume review, and initial screenings.
  • Candidates who pass the agency’s screening process move on to final interviews with the client company.
  • The client makes the final hiring decision, with guidance from the staffing agency if needed.
  • Once selected, the candidate begins their employment contract on the staffing agency’s payroll, not the client’s.
  • A contract-to-hire position can vary, typically lasting from three to twelve months.
  • The client can convert the contractor to a full-time hire based on their needs.


Cons for Contract-To-Hire

Contract-to-hire positions might be advantageous, but it has some drawbacks, so before getting to the pros, let’s understand the cons of C2H.

  • Limited candidate pool – Contract hires may not access certain employment benefits until they secure a full-time position. Consequently, some candidates may be less inclined to pursue contract-to-hire roles, potentially reducing the available talent pool for your staffing agency.
  • Perceived lower job security – Job seekers may worry about job stability after the contract period, leading them to prefer direct-hire positions. Staffing agencies must communicate clear expectations and timeframes to candidates, addressing concerns and maintaining transparency.
  • The possibility of starting over – While contract-to-hire provides a trial run for both parties, it may not always result in a successful match. A new search must commence if an employer decides not to offer permanent employment. However, it’s often beneficial for both parties to find a better fit rather than sticking with an unsuitable arrangement.

What are the pros of Contract-To-Hire Services?

Though there are some serious cons to C2H,, Contract-to-hire offers a competitive edge for non-IT companies seeking talent acquisition.

  • Expedited interview process – Saves time and resources for HR departments overwhelmed with other responsibilities, allowing them to rely on staffing agencies for strategic hiring.
  • “Trying before you buy” policy – Clients can assess candidates’ potential during project work, potentially leading to full-time employment after the contract.
  • C2H process – Staffing agencies handle time-consuming tasks like candidate search and review, which is ideal for organizations urgently needing skilled professionals.
  • Access to unique skill sets – Temporary openings requiring specialized skills can be filled without long-term commitments, preventing overstaffing.
  • Budget-friendly – C2H positions bridge the gap when budget constraints prevent hiring full-time employees while fulfilling crucial roles within the firm.

Benefits for both Employers & Employees

  • Employees

Unlocking the potential of C2H opportunities, where creativity meets flexibility, offers a refreshing approach to job hunting. Here are the benefits employees get with C2H –

Embrace the Company Fit Evaluation – Step into the realm of C2H possibilities and wave goodbye to getting trapped in the wrong company. Take a moment to ponder, explore, and evaluate the company’s culture. Find that perfect work-life balance and determine if your talents align before making a permanent commitment.

Expanding Your Professional Network – With each contract comes a chance to expand your connections. Every person you encounter becomes a potential link to new opportunities. While not every connection will result in a permanent position within the company, these individuals may hold the keys to unlocking doors elsewhere. Impress a company, even without securing a full-time role, and they may offer invaluable references, recommendations, or referrals.

Filling the Hiring Recesses – Break the chains of job searching fatigue with C2H positions. Instead, use these opportunities to venture into new fields and acquire valuable skills through short-term projects. Even if the role doesn’t transition to full-time, you’ll gather experiences to bolster your resume while preparing for the next leap into the job market.

  • Employers

Here are some benefits employers get with C2H –

Budget Flexibility – Navigate the treacherous waters of budget constraints with finesse. C2H hiring provides a cost-effective solution, enabling companies to secure top-tier talent despite tight purse strings. Witness the magic unfold as financial limitations are met head-on without compromising on the search for the perfect fit.

Meeting the Quality Skill Requirements – Unleash the power of staffing agencies and unlock a treasure trove of top-notch talent. These agencies employ rigorous internal recruitment processes, handpicking candidates with exceptional skill sets. And if, by some rare chance, the client finds the candidate’s performance falling short, fear not! A simple call to the staffing agency can summon a replacement, ensuring excellence.

Opportunity to Evaluate the Candidate’s Fit – Embrace the art of observation and evaluation as you embark on the journey to find your ideal team member. C2H hiring grants you precious time to assess a candidate’s compatibility through a trial run.

Observe their prowess, evaluate their potential, and decide whether to extend the invitation to join the ranks as a full-time employee or release them gracefully, armed with invaluable feedback from the trial period.


Contract-to-hire (C2H) is a staffing strategy gaining popularity in the IT industry in 2023. It allows companies to hire employees temporarily and assess their performance before offering a permanent position. C2H provides flexibility and risk mitigation and attracts top talent, making it an effective staffing solution for IT companies.

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