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How does Kevin Plank Hire?

Kevin Plank, founder, CEO, and chairman of Under Armour, developed one of the most successful sportswear businesses in the world in less than twenty years by adhering to the values he imprinted around his Baltimore headquarters: “Think like an entrepreneur. Create like an inventor. “Behave like a teammate.”Plank was raised in Kensington, Maryland, by his father, a property developer, and his mother, the town’s mayor. He graduated from St. John’s College High School and the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Business Administration. Early on, he established a liking for athletics by playing football with the Maplewood Maple Leafs. Plank founded several enterprises during his tenure at the University.Plank, frustrated by his sweat-soaked cotton t-shirts, invented Under Armour t-shirts that wick moisture away from the body. He launched his company in the Washington, D.C., basement of his grandmother. When his pals began playing professional football, he mailed them the jerseys with the request that they distribute them in the locker rooms.

The Hiring Method of Kevin Plank

At Under Armour, your candidate experience is of the utmost importance, and we continually strive to provide an educational, inclusive, and entertaining interview process for each person. This section describes the usual corporate recruiting procedure from beginning to end. This information should be helpful as you seek a career with Under Armour, even though certain roles may follow a modified method.

1. Apply –

They invite you to target your application to opportunities that align most closely with your expertise and interests. Review the job ad and criteria carefully to guarantee a solid match.

  • Upload your updated résumé to our Careers Site. Take the time to check your CV and portfolio (if relevant) to verify that they are accurate and error-free.
  • Once you submit your resume, the application forms will be pre-populated with your information. Ensure that everything is correct before hitting “apply.”
  • If we believe that your experience aligns well with the position, a member of our Talent Team will contact you to schedule a chat. Should the position not be a good match, we will tell you through email and invite you to check back for future openings.

2. Stay Connected

  • Check out their LinkedIn profile, UA Newsroom, and @LIFEATUA for updates on the brand.
  • Join the Talent Community to get the latest Under Armour employment opportunities and news directly to your inbox.
  • Want more information about their office locations? Check out Locations page for additional information.

3. Interview

  • The Recruiter and team will evaluate your credentials to establish your suitability for the position.
  • Telephone, video, and in-person interviews are undertaken. The interview procedure will vary based on the role’s location, needs, and where you are in the hiring process.
  • If you are accepted for an interview, the Under Armour team will contact you to plan the following stages and give you further information on who you will meet and what to anticipate.
  • Each office location, retail location, and role has a unique communication and hiring procedure. In addition to behavioral interviews, certain positions will also need a competence evaluation or project.
  • After your interviews with the team, we will contact you in the next stages.
  • In your interview, be prepared to discuss your prior experiences and successes, as we focus on behavioral questions based on our Competencies and Values.

4. Offer

  • The offer letter will specify the job title, benefits, remuneration, and other pre-employment information.
  • Examine the offer’s specifics and timetable; contact your recruitment contact if you have any queries. Please do so promptly if you have been given a deadline to react to the job offer.
  • Your Recruiter will specify the timeframe for your answer to the offer; thus, please react promptly.

What does Kevin Plank look for in job candidates?

Kevin Plank suggests the following strategies for examining your professional identity and increasing job satisfaction:

  • Understand who you are. Consider your most essential personal and professional standards if you haven’t done so before. What is most important to you? Your basic values revolve around hard-working characteristics like efficiency, accuracy, and quality, correct? Or are you more concerned with displaying interpersonal characteristics like honesty, respect, and leadership?
  • Accept yourself as you are. “genuine leadership” benefits from enhancing employee happiness and commitment are often cited. However, professionals of all levels may benefit from being genuine in their thoughts, words, and actions at work. Do you embody your professional identity? For instance, if one of your most important values is honesty, but you tend to suppress critical facts or ideas at work, you are likely not embracing who you are. Most desirable employers understand and welcome individual uniqueness.
  • Demonstrate who you are. Examine your internet visibility. Have you taken full advantage of the chance to express your most genuine self? Is the material current? Request that a friend reviews your profile and provides feedback. The time required to use all of LinkedIn’s capabilities may be well spent. Additionally, ensure that your personality shows through.
  • Learn to say no. Practice saying, “Let me consider it and get back to you.” You may work in a workplace where saying yes to everything is just the norm, or you may be a people-pleaser who lacks experience with saying no. Always assess how well an opportunity connects with your identity before making a more educated choice.
  • Know your business well. This may be the most important factor in achieving occupational contentment. Be your basic values — whether they are efficiency, precision, and quality OR honesty, respect, and leadership – congruent with the values that your employer appreciates the most? Do you sense a genuine connection to what the firm’s owner or your boss says about the company when they engage with others? If you find yourself smiling and nodding, you are working for a genuine company.

What It’s Like to Work for Kevin Plank?

Onward and upward, you wonderful folks! Both Plank’s frame of mind and the way he makes his history heavily influence decisions. Plank persisted and narrowed down on what he wanted out of life and ran a marathon with it, making sure to blow past everyone. Even though he was repeatedly questioned that he was dirt poor and that he reached rock bottom in his mother’s basement after he graduated from college.Plank moved on from these experiences, which enabled him to proceed with a clear head and make progress even if it seemed like he was slogging through the muck at the time.On a more positive note, he incorporates the strategies and the teamwork that he learned while playing football into the company’s culture. He does this by mandating that employees think of the company as a team and holding meetings in huddles rather than the more traditional round table discussion. There is a good reason why people say that you should learn from your errors. Therefore, regardless of whether the outcomes of your challenges were favorable or poor, you should take the lessons you learned from them and use them to make better judgments. Avoid making the same mistakes again by avoiding falling into the same trap.

How does Under Armour motivate its employees?

Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, was asked for guidance on how to keep staff engaged amid a tough economy. Plank said, “Motivation, passion, and concentration must originate from the top. I am a strong proponent of the effectiveness of positive thinking, especially for small enterprises. Your attitude is infectious. There has been a lot of bad news about the economy recently, but I think that if you have a strong product or service, you will find a way to succeed. Don’t use the current economic circumstances as an excuse for failure. In my opinion, there has never been a better moment to launch a tiny, agile firm. You should also ensure that you often interact with your staff. When we had less than 25 workers, I had weekly meetings with the whole staff. We discussed a variety of topics, including key issues on the table. I listened to everyone’s ideas, and they always brought up points I hadn’t considered. More importantly, my team members understood that their opinions mattered and that they were an integral part of the process. ” When employees believe they are essential, they are more motivated to do their best work.”In light of the above, Kevin Plank feels that fostering the enthusiasm and passion of his employees is a crucial component of operating a successful organization. Plank treats all of his staff equally and values their input when making significant decisions. It is simple to see why Under Armour is a rapidly expanding company in the modern-day. When you encourage your employees with the proper mindset, there is no limit to the success of your organization.

How does Under Armour reward/Motivation its employees?

Efforts to improve the situation need that assist everyone in enhancing their work. Because of this, our learning and development programs are vital to our company. Constantly growing and concentrating on making our two leading learning platforms the best they can be, we continue developing and improving them. You and everyone else at Under Armour have everything you need to develop, create progress, and achieve your objectives.

UA aims to improve your experience, which applies to our workers — our teammates. Upon joining UA, new colleagues attend a Preseason Training orientation to learn about the brand, our history, and how to navigate their new job.

Armour U.
Are you prepared to take responsibility for your growth? Our global community has access to Armour U, our online learning and information collection. Seminars on product training, compliance, leadership, core competencies, and retail strategies are available here. Essentially everything is necessary to study, develop, and progress at your speed. This is where you’ll have the opportunity to explore deeper and discover new methods to advance.

Under Armour Employee Benefits?


  • Parental and Maternity Leave,
  • Additional Parental Benefits
  • Adoption Facilitation
  • Child and Adult Care Services
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Professional Credentials
  • Paid Vacation Time and Holiday Pay
  • Leaves of Absence, Including FMLA, Sick Leave, Disability Leave, and Parental Leave
  • Paid “UA Give Back” Volunteer Days
  • Work-Life Support Program
  • Staff Resource Groups

Under Armour Merchandise Discounts


  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • 401(k) Health Savings Accounts Plan
  • Plan for Employee Stock Purchase
  • Housing Purchase Assistance Program
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Long- and Short-Term Disability
  • Accident and Life Insurance
  • Additional discounted coverage choices include Universal Life, Pet, Legal, Auto, Home Insurance, and Identity Theft Protection.


Employee Assistance Program Covering

Medical, Dental, and Vision Prescriptions Innovative Health Assistance

Fitness Advantages and Sources

Unique culture at Under Armour:

Under Armour believes that we are stronger when individuals from all backgrounds, experiences, and points of view unite in support of athletes throughout the globe. Embracing diversity enriches our culture, but it also drives our commercial success, allowing us to produce the most creative goods to make athletes better. Our coworkers mirror the variety of our clientele, and our work exemplifies an inclusive culture that respects and cherishes our worldwide community.
Our Teammate Resource Groups create inclusiveness by amplifying company activities, giving chances for networking, supporting community outreach, and fostering cultural understanding.Teammates worldwide have access to our Teammate Resource Groups, which provide support for Under Armour’s varied workforce. This section provides an overview of some Teammate Resource Groups, although our list is always expanding.

Mission: to advocate for colleagues with various abilities via inclusion and awareness. Both obvious and unseen skills. Allies. All teammates are welcome. We celebrate all Abilities. We are not limited to: mental health, cognitive inclusion, physical impairments, injuries, service animals, and parental/caregiver/child support.

Green Machine
Foster sustainability-related innovation by providing a venue for the generation of new ideas, the refinement and evaluation of existing ones, the development of support for them, and the promotion of their implementation.

Parents for Professional Growth (PPG)
Provide working parents at Under Armour with support, information, and networking opportunities, and fight for policies, resources, and equitable treatment that promote their professional growth. PPG aims to be a useful resource for recruiting, developing, and retaining personnel.We hope you have got a solid understanding of how Kevin Plank hire employees. Use his recruitment tips and hacks to find the right candidate.

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