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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Various organizations look for ways and means that improve their recruitment process. It is achieved by either revamping the internal function or leveraging the eternal expertise like the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms that spruce up the efficiency of the process. To begin the journey of learning about this service, let’s commence with the definition of Recruitment Process Outsourcing. According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, based out of the US, RPO is an organization that is vendor-neutral and is dedicated to helping companies in navigating their outsourcing goals by qualifying, certifying, and monitoring RPOs.RPO is a type of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in which the employer transfers the partial or entire recruitment process to an external service provider. The service provider can provide services by assuming the company’s staff, technology, methodologies, and reporting on its own. In any of the cases considered above, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company is different from service providers such as staffing companies and contingent or retained search providers as they assume the ownership of design and management of the recruitment process and finally, the responsibility for the results. For the hiring that they do, they manage every step of it from job profiling to onboarding the recruits. A suitable firm helps a company improve the quality of the workforce, provides valuable metrics, improves government compliance, and reduces the cost incurred by its client. With that understood, let’s move forward to understanding what the top company triggers are for an RPO.

Triggers for RPO

The main triggers for a company are as follows:
Time: Frees up time for internal resources and thus enables HR to focus on the organization’s strategic needs.
Cost Saving: Having access to a professional team for a fraction of the cost also reduces the overall hiring cost.
Scalability: Recruiting capacity can be scaled up or down according to the demand.
End-to-End Support: Receive expert assistance in the entire process from planning to onboarding of the recruits.
Candidate Experience: Experience a better candidate experience all along the process. 
Efficiency: Enhanced efficiency because of the professionally managed and well-planned recruitment process. 
Flexibility: Liberty to hire according to the business needs.
Strategic Expertise: Assistance in marketing and enhancing employment branding. That said, we must move ahead to listing the challenges solved by having an RPO service provider. They are as follows:

  1. Support your initiatives around university recruiting, diversity, and employee referral programming.
  2. Deploys solutions that enhance efficiency, cost of delivery, and time.
  3. Delivers outstanding client and candidate experiences.
  4. Engineering streamlined locally compliant hiring practices.
  5. Builds targeted talent communities.
  6. Elevates your employment brand.
  7. Uses global data analytics along with technology platforms.
    With the discussion moving forward, we must also talk about the Solutions provided by an organization that extends the service of RPO.

5 Global RPO Solutions

There are 5 major solutions provided to the clients. They are as follows:

1. End To End
An end-to-end recruitment solution utilizes the skills of experienced recruiters to recruit all the talents according to your company’s needs. It directly translates to the company’s focus being entirely on the core business. Strong analytics along with visual overviews of real-time metrics provide you with all the data you need for coming to a decision that is strategic and long-lasting. An RPO service provider can be located in your office or provide you with all the requirements remotely. Staffactory starts the process by conducting an in-depth analysis of the talent acquisition goals and the opportunities in your company. It is important to understand our clients’ sourcing, employment brand, existing candidate experience, and outreach strategies. Analyzing at all these levels allows us to be integrated with your company culture and internal process. Finally, it all translates to your goals uniting with ours and then providing you with the best.

2. Project
This recruitment service model helps the existing team of our clients with additional resources, tools, and expertise that are needed to accomplish a recruitment demand that is beyond the company’s current bandwidth. When an organization adapts to a seasonal hiring ramp or new business expansion, or merger, our team has the perfect resources to meet your needs, seamlessly and quickly. You can always keep the costs minimal by using Staffactory’s team of talent to fill the capability or skill gaps in operations, sourcing, marketing, technology, project management, compliance, and data.

The PowerUp service model permits the company to increase or decrease the recruitment process based on a seasonal ramp, new office locations, project work, or the upcoming delivery of a product or program. The capability to flex efficiently while meeting a company’s fluctuating needs, allows you to keep oversight and maintain control. It also makes this model of RPO, a cost-effective solution.

4. Total Talent
The Total Talent model operates on the belief that the best talent will come from various parts of the country and that goes far beyond the traditional talent acquisition places. Talent is represented by all the people who work to shape the future of the organization. This includes – freelancers, interns, temporary and permanent employees. We align our work with your value proposition to match your goals and continuously evolve into a comprehensive talent value proposition to bring all of the work opportunities to light.

5. Recruitment Marketing & Branding
The last global RPO model gives you the expertise and tools that uncover your employment brand and allow you to attract a talent pool that aligns with your expectations, values, and priorities. After we understand the unique company culture of our clients, we create a strategic blueprint that shares the employee value proposition and employment brand with suitable candidates. Further, we drive recruiter efficiency by boosting the current marketing collateral with the help of professionally designed company overview sheets, flyers, e-brochures, social media pages, personalized URLs, swag, and many similar tools. We target diverse talent communities (e.g. – women, millennials, military or veterans, women in technology, disability, inclusion, and cultural diversity) by connecting to them through regular communications like messaging and social media outreach strategies. If you are a little lost even after we have listed all the aspects of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), you should go through the benefits of this process and that’ll help you guide you in the right direction.

RPO Benefits

Here is a list of all the benefits a client gets when they decide to outsource their recruitment process to a company well qualified for the task.

  1. Data Analytics and Technology Stacks
  2. Global Solution Design
  3. Process Excellence
  4. Sourcing – Diversity, and Inclusion
  5. Highly Scalable
  6. Access to Market Intelligence
  7. Evolving Business Solutions
  8. Proactive Employer Branding
  9. Rich Talent Communities


These aspects are what make it favorable for a company into a core business more focused on their field and have the task of recruiting and hiring done by the experts of the industry, in addition to saving on the relevant costs, time, focus, and energy.


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