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Tech Talent Hunt 2023: 9 Proven Strategies to Secure Top Talent


Are you struggling to secure the brightest minds in the tech industry? We have the solution!


Tech professionals now prioritize flexibility and remote work options, seeking employers who understand the shifting dynamics of the modern workplace. As the workplace landscape continues to evolve, it’s crucial to understand tech talent’s changing expectations and demands. The pandemic has highlighted the desire for hybrid and remote work flexibility, with tech-savvy individuals seeking opportunities that align with their work-from-home preferences. The study conducted by DigitalOcean revealed that more than half of developers (53%) perceive companies without remote work options as outdated and out of touch. Your hiring practices must align with these shifting dynamics to remain competitive and attract top talent. So, how can you secure the best tech talent in 2023? Let’s explore 9 proven strategies to secure the best tech talent in 2023.


Why does top tech talent leave?

Tech talent, including software developers, data scientists, and other professionals, are in high demand because of their valuable skills and expertise. However, keeping these talented individuals can be tough, as they have plenty of job options and better offers elsewhere.

Here are a few reasons why tech talent might leave an organization:

  • Lack of career growth opportunities – Tech professionals want to continually learn and advance. They’ll seek opportunities elsewhere if they can’t do so within their current organization.
  • Poor work culture – A negative work environment can discourage tech talent. They value a positive and collaborative atmosphere where they can thrive.
  • Insufficient compensation – IT professionals often have the potential to earn well. They may leave for better-paying opportunities if they feel they’re not fairly compensated for their skills.
  • Limited work-life balance – Like many other employees, tech workers prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance. They might consider leaving if their personal life is compromised due to work demands.

How does this affect your company?

  • Firstly, when employees are happy and satisfied with their job, they work harder and do better. But when they’re unhappy, they harm the company’s productivity, being less productive and less interested in their work.
  • Secondly, hiring and training new employees is expensive and time-consuming. So, if a company can keep its employees for a long time, it saves money by not constantly hiring and training new people.
  • Lastly, good employee retention builds a positive reputation for the company, making attracting and keeping talented employees easier.


9 proven strategies to secure top talent

  • Discovering Your Needs

Finding the right candidates can be challenging if you’re unsure what you want. Instead of chasing the elusive “perfect” candidate, identify the skills needed to solve your organization’s tech-related problems. Create a list of must-have skills and another list of desirable but negotiable skills. A detailed job description will make the hiring process easier.

  • Learn from Similar Companies

Compare your job description with those of other companies in various industries. Look for organizations that have similar roles and responsibilities. Explore job websites, forums, and boards of companies advertising similar positions. These companies likely already have individuals or teams working in those roles, making them potential candidates. Consider inviting them for a casual conversation over coffee.

  • Leverage Referrals

Referrals can be a recruiter’s best asset. Encourage your organization to participate in the hiring process and share their network’s references. Motivate them to spread the word about your job openings in their professional and personal networks. Tap into the connections of your higher management and explore LinkedIn profiles of employees and individuals in similar roles. Building a robust network can lead to unexpected but valuable connections.

  • Cultivate a Positive Company Culture

Creating a supportive and collaborative work environment is vital for retaining tech industry employees. Tech professionals often face long hours and tight deadlines, so fostering a positive company culture helps reduce burnout and make the workplace enjoyable. Offer opportunities for growth and development to keep employees engaged and motivated. Promote work-life balance, enabling personal and professional fulfillment.

  • Collaboration with Competitors

Rather than seeing competitors as rivals, maintain good relationships with recruiters from different organizations and industries. If you’re facing recruitment challenges, chances are others are too.

So meet up with other recruiters to exchange insights and share strategies. Collaborate on refining job descriptions, interview structures, and sourcing methods. Working together benefits everyone involved.

  • Craft PR for Tech Talent

Tech professionals feel more at ease conversing with others who understand their “language.” Encourage your tech talent to engage in communities, forums, and events where potential candidates gather. By participating in these environments, you create opportunities for natural recruitment.

Engineers tend to open up more easily to fellow engineers since they don’t feel pressured to be interviewed. Seek out recruiting opportunities at these events.

  • Champion Equality and Benefits

As more women enter tech roles, treating them equally becomes increasingly important. Instead of assuming women will take more leaves, provide parental leave that benefits both men and women. Allowing both parents to spend time with their families alleviates domestic responsibilities for women.

Hire women who show potential for career progression and promote them once they’ve proven themselves. Promoting an equal percentage of men and women employees boosts motivation and enhances your employer’s brand. Broadcasting non-discriminatory policies attracts tech talent to your recruitment team.

  • Embrace DEI Culture and Innovation

Develop a culture where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are integrated into daily routines. Avoid discrimination and exclusive policies to create an environment that appeals to sensitive professionals. Improve your organization’s ranking on the “Best Places to Work.”

Additionally, showcase your organization’s adoption of cutting-edge technology and highlight impactful research. Finally, position yourself as a hub for innovative tech, drawing top talent who want to contribute to its growth.

  • Host Developer Events

Organize engaging events like coding contests, hackathons, and gaming competitions to attract engineers, coders, and developers. These events generate exciting PR and serve as a treasure trove of talent. Encourage participation and provide a platform for showcasing skills and fostering healthy competition. In addition, hosting such events helps you identify potential candidates with exceptional abilities.


Nurture technical talent like artists. Recognize their potential and provide long-term support. Assure them of access to necessary tools for innovation. These strategies will often lead to victory in the race for technical recruitment.

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