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Using AI to write a resume will backfire?


Are you too curious about using AI to craft your resume? With that, you might also wonder if it’s a smart move or a potential disaster.

You are not alone!

Let’s dive into the world of AI-generated resumes and find out what could happen when you let machines take over your job application.


With advanced AI technology on the rise, the debate about its impact on our lives is ongoing. Will it collaborate with humans to make the world better? Or will it replace jobs, leaving us in uncertainty? This also affects job hunting.

So, could AI-generated resumes be the future?

To know the answer, let’s explore the potential details of using AI in writing a resume.


Benefits of Resume Written by AI

  • It Saves You Time

Writing a resume from scratch can take a long time and be hard. With AI, you just put in your job details and info, and it makes the resume for you. This saves time and gives you a good result.

  • Makes Your Resume Perfect

AI tools are great at finding mistakes in spelling and grammar. This makes your resume look perfect without any effort.

  • Tailors Your Resume

AI tools like ChatGPT gather information about you and make a resume that fits your desired job.

  • Fits the Job Systems

Big companies often use computer systems to read resumes. These systems don’t like resumes that don’t match the job. AI helps your resume fit the job and keeps it looking the same all the way through.

Why not rely on AI for resume writing?

  • AI Learns Only What It’s Taught

Right now, AI has a big limitation – it only knows what its creators teach it. Its knowledge comes from the information given by its programmers. This might sound like a lot of knowledge, but AI’s understanding is based on what it’s been given. Just like people learn from teachers and experiences, AI learns from its developers.

However, humans have special abilities like thinking creatively and knowing when information is outdated, which AI lacks. AI might catch up in the future, but it can’t do that yet. If you use an AI chatbot for your resume, it might not understand your industry or the job you want. It could end up using old information or focusing on the wrong things.

  • AI Can’t Think Like a Hiring Manager

A good resume writer knows what hiring managers look for in candidates. They can imagine being in a hiring manager’s position and seeing your resume from their perspective. A resume is like a marketing tool, so it must tell your story in the best way possible to the hiring manager. AI can’t do this because it’s not human. It can’t feel emotions or understand human desires. This doesn’t mean AI is bad, it’s just a fact that it can’t fully understand human needs.

  • Human Resume Writers Understand You Better

Using a professional resume writer is great because they work closely with you in ways AI can’t. AI can answer questions and make resumes with perfect grammar if you ask correctly. But it can’t understand you like a person does to create a resume that truly stands out. AI can’t figure out why you’re a great job candidate by talking with you.

So, it will only give you a standard resume that’s the same as everyone else’s. A human resume writer will get to know you, ask questions, and ensure your resume isn’t just facts. They make your resume reflect your uniqueness and value as a person and employee.

  • No Personal Touch and Personality

AI struggles to understand job ads, so it often creates resumes that don’t match what companies want. It can’t add a human touch to resumes like a person can. Humans can read between the lines of job ads and figure out what’s needed, which makes resumes more creative and personal.

  • AI Can’t Be Unbiased

AI can’t give you a fair judgment of your skills, experience, or career choices. It follows set rules that its creators programmed, which can lead to bias. It’s also limited by the information it has, which can make the bias stronger.

So, AI chatbots can show the bias of their makers. On the other hand, professional resume writers can give you an unbiased view of your career. They’ll help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. They aim to help you create a powerful resume showing your strengths and downplaying your weaknesses.


So is a resume written by AI better? Comparison of Resume written by professional writer vs AI

In today’s job market, you have two options for creating your resume – the regular one made by skilled writers and the AI resume generated by a computer program. Since both are available, job seekers are unsure which to pick.The choice depends on what you need. For instance, an AI tool like ChatGPT can quickly create an AI resume, saving time for those who urgently need a resume for a job application.However, many AI-generated resumes look similar and don’t make you stand out. Why? Well, ChatGPT wasn’t trained specifically to make resumes. So, the AI resumes might not be right for your field or properly organized. Conversely, a resume written by a trained professional can assure you that it’s optimized with the right keywords and truly highlights your skills. Plus, a well-crafted human-made resume can help you pass strict screening processes and thorough resume checks used by many recruiters.


Relying solely on AI to craft a resume can have its drawbacks. While AI can swiftly generate content, it often lacks the personalized touch that human-written resumes provide. Generic AI resumes may not cater to specific industries or formats, potentially hindering job prospects.Moreover, AI’s limitations in understanding nuances and industry-specific requirements can result in less effective resumes. To stand out and ensure a tailored approach, considering the expertise of a human resume writer remains a valuable option. Balancing AI’s efficiency with human creativity offers a more comprehensive and effective strategy for successful job applications.

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