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What makes a great contract recruiter?


Are you struggling to find qualified professionals for immediate hiring? Look no further!

Here, find the secret to accessing readily available talent by partnering with a contract recruiter. It’s time to say goodbye to hiring hurdles as they connect you with a pool of skilled individuals perfect for your interim needs.


So, what makes a good contract recruiter?

A skilled contract recruiter is like a magician, conjuring the right candidates at the right time. They possess a keen eye for identifying talent and a vast network of professionals ready to act. Not only do they save you time and resources, but they also ensure your business stays ahead in this ever-evolving job market.

Let’s further explore!


How Does Contract Recruitment Work?

Contract recruiters work on agreed terms, getting paid by the hour or for specific projects. The final contract includes details about payment amount, timing, and method. Usually, they receive a retainer upfront and additional payments during the hiring process and once candidates are chosen and hired. While some work independently, many are part of recruiting agencies, accessible through employment firms, online networks, or freelance platforms.

Role Of A Contract Recruiter

  • Using applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruiting technologies like analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Finding potential candidates through networking, databases, job boards, internet communities, and technology centers.
  • Working with in-house HR personnel and stakeholders to create effective hiring plans.
  • Interviewing and evaluating candidates for the positions.
  • Building positive connections with professional groups that can provide potential applicants.
  • Following up with candidates after interviews to let them know if they are selected for the role.
  • Helping with the integration process of new employees.
  • Negotiating with candidates who have been offered positions to agree on salary and benefits.
  • Creating reports on the progress of the hiring process and presenting quantitative data.

Why hire a contract recruiter?

  • Cost Savings – Contract recruiters are cost-effective as you only pay for their services during the contract period. You don’t have to provide additional benefits like gym memberships, saving you money on recruitment expenses.
  • Faster Time-to-Hire – If you need talent quickly, contract recruiters have a network of pre-vetted candidates ready to join your company. They can fill in for specialized projects or cover temporary leaves, ensuring a faster hiring process than traditional methods that take months.
  • Special Projects – For hard-to-fill positions, a contract recruiter with specialized skills can find the right candidates tailored to your requirements.
  • Value to Hiring Process – Contract recruiters go the extra mile to find the best talent for your company. They can creatively approach candidate sourcing and bring in exceptional candidates who might not have been accessible through traditional methods.


How to become a great contract recruiter

  • Make Friends with Contractors

Building strong relationships with a wide network of contractors is key to successful contract recruitment. Stay connected with them through phone calls and networking events. Contractors are not just people who take up contracts; they have valuable industry knowledge and insights that can help you stay informed about the market.

While social media and job ads can be helpful, having a reliable and professional network of contacts is like finding a treasure. Keep in touch with them to stay ahead in the game. Using a CRM platform is useful for staying connected without being too pushy. This lets you set up automated email notifications to inform contractors about relevant opportunities.

Provide them with an easy way to express their interest, and if they show interest, follow up with them.

  • Stay Well-Organized 

Being a successful recruitment agent means understanding your client’s needs and what your contractors can offer. You should always have an accurate picture of their availability and terms to close deals quickly. For instance, if a client calls you about a project, having a pre-made list of contractors with their availability and up-to-date CVs and references will increase your chances of securing the work.

When discussing opportunities with contractors, being able to provide information on pay rates and start dates will help you make progress faster. Avoiding delays and uncertainty will prevent competitors from swooping in while you’re still figuring things out. Good organization is key to your success. Keeping all your documentation in one easily accessible place will make staying on top of things much easier.

  • Use Automation Wisely 

LinkedIn isn’t the only place where automation can be a helpful tool for building relationships. You can streamline certain processes to make things easier for contractors, saving them valuable time and earning loyalty. Two key processes that can benefit from automation are billing and payroll. We’ve designed our Recruitment product to support you with these tasks.

It’s a centralized platform that handles online timesheets, expenses, client invoicing, payments, document signing, and management. By using such a system, contractors can avoid back-office hassles, leading to better relationships and increasing the chances they’ll work with you again.

  • Invest in Building Your Network 

It can be disheartening when your regular clients are quiet and don’t need your services for some time. So, how do you attract new clients to fill in the gap? Once again, your network comes to the rescue. Contractors and colleagues may know about companies looking to hire, and they might even introduce you to them. Having a large and diverse network becomes especially useful when you want to target specific companies.

The more contacts you have, the higher the chances of finding someone with connections in the company you’re interested in. Reach out to them and ask if your services could benefit the company, and if they agree, ask for an introduction. You can use LinkedIn automation tools like Expandi to maintain relationships within your network. Set it up to send a brief message to 10 contacts you haven’t spoken to. This way, you can stay in touch and build stronger professional relationships.


A great contract recruiter understands the importance of building trust-driven relationships with people. Empathy and a genuine interest in providing value are crucial to success. They can create long-lasting connections with contacts and clients by consistently being relevant and helpful.While the task is difficult, leveraging technology can be a valuable ally in streamlining processes and maintaining these relationships. Combining people skills and technological support makes for an exceptional contract recruiter.

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