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What Makes a Résumé So Important?

One of the cliche things about growing up is hearing the term résumé quite often. It is more like a mandatory thing and it manifests almost everyone’s life once they enter college or start looking for a job.

In simple words, a résumé is an official representation of your qualifications and professional achievements on a single paper (or more), written in a way to justify your suitability for a certain role.

The Origin of Résumé

Where do résumés come from? According to Business Insider, it was Leonardo Da Vinci who made the first-ever known resume in 1481.

Nowadays, companies swear by résumé and use it as a sacred document to select favorable candidates while hiring.

Résumé, as it sounds, is a French word. It literally translates into ‘summary’.

In essence, if you are willing to enter the professional world at present, you need to have a well-crafted résumé that justifies your candidature for any job role you are willing to apply for (Unless you are a startup founder, of course).

What is the Purpose of a Résumé?

You might have a rough idea of the purpose a résumé serves. It is a well-accepted standard to submit it when you are applying for any job, be it online or offline. More than 95% of people believe the purpose of a résumé is to showcase their candidature and give the employers an overview of their accomplishments and professional background.

On the contrary, little do they know the actual purpose of a resume is to help the hiring managers skim favorable candidates from a cesspool of spam or unfavorable résumés. 

Keeping this in mind, if you are looking for a job, you should probably spend more time on making your résumé better. 

How to make your résumé better?

Since a résumé is a crucial document, people take it seriously. Especially the freshers or the people in dire need of a new job. So, how exactly does one make their résumé better?

For starters, there are some well-known best practices that most people follow. For example, it is advised to update the résumé twice a year. No one wants an outdated one. Other than that, it is a common practice to couple the résumé with a cover letter. The job of a cover letter is to elaborate on the applicant’s professional experience as well as the motive behind applying for the job.

Other than that, there are finer things like résumé template, résumé builder, and résumé experts that do the job of crafting a résumé and finessing it.

Résumé templates

There are countless résumé templates on the internet, but only a few are good enough. You can find amazing templates on Canva, Google Docs Home, etc.

Résumé builder

These tools are designed to build résumés after you provide the required information. A few websites offer such services. However, it is best to make it yourself or seek help from experienced personnel.

Résumé experts

They are people specializing in resume writing. Mostly, they are industry experts and have years of practical experience. However, their fees might burn a hole in your pocket. You can find them all over Fiverr and social media websites, mostly LinkedIn.These additional things multiply the chances of selection. Therefore, most people swear by them.


In this highly competitive world, a killer, as well as a unique resume, does the job of telling you apart from thousands of people. This is exactly why it should be perfect. There are millions of people who have been denied a job role because of their ordinary (or outdated) résumé. Don’t be like millions of people; take your time to build your resume before applying for any job role. Don’t know how to start? Worry not! We have got your back! 

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